Stella’s Morgenstern & Heinrich Heine

« Life’s Voyage – Lebensfahrt »


L i e d e r

Heinrich wrote them.
Jim & David translated them.
Someone in Tel Aviv disposed of them.
We found and sing them.
You’ll enjoy them.


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yiddish music

« Bo elay – come to me »


The new album „Bo elay – come to me“

with songs in hebrew & yiddish:

My word in your ear

My tune in your heart

Or rather

My tune in your ear

My word in your heart?

Stella’s Morgenstern


order / 17 Euro + shipment

yiddish music

« Departure gate »


That’s the way it is:

If you can’t fall asleep anymore you must change your life.

If love isn’t what it used to be anymore, you write

beautiful songs



order / 17 Euro + shipment